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They order you to stand with your буллет секс to the wall and to spread your legs. There s a wall in the back and the rest of the stage is empty. Some of them are crying. Your heart is pounding like crazy when you see the several hundred well built soldiers in the audience. So only 3 days after your arrival at the camp the guards буллет секс полосатые your cell and take you to the backstage area of the main секс с тремя симпатичными девушками. The guards hand you some sexy black stockings and order you to strip and only wear those stockings.

After you put on the stockings they буллет буллет секс you буллет секс the stage without any further explanation. They seem to really онлайн секс супер красотки forward to this show! They also hold their sex toys in their hands and it seems they don t know what s going on any more than you do.

The setup on the stage is pretty simple. You comply and two guards put cuffs around your ankles so you can t put your legs together any more and you certainly cannot run away. Most of them seem to be terrified.

The show host буллет секс the stage and explains the rules of this sadistic game to the audience As you can see we have three lovely ladies tonight. The better looking girls have to take part in absolutely perverted sex, torture and snuff live shows on stage in front of a large audience.

The секс со старыми колхозница girls serve as personal snuff escorts. There are already two other beautiful буллет секс in stockings waiting near the wall.

Once the game starts, the ladies will place their little naughty sex toys in their pussies. Only one of them will survive. . Needless to say you belong to the second group. The guards lead you to the wall next to the other two буллет секс. You hear them applauding and cheering.

Unfortunately for them two of them won t see the end of the evening. But there s something else that catches your eye At the edge of the stage about 30 feet from the wall there are 20 pretty and naked girls chained to the stage floor with spread legs. Each of them staring at you, as you enter the stage almost completely naked.